Radio interference from my comcast lines?

Zu RayancalebRayancaleb

sagte am 11.09.2017 um 11:34

Hiii ...
I know it is not. I'm a computer guy, but not really an expert in advanced radio, but what comcast is telling me sounds like cow excretions. A couple of comcast feild techs came into my mom's yard this morning, disconnected the service drop at the pole, then removed a splitter on the back wall of the house. No warning, no communication, no courtesy on the door. Sister what present, she Confronts them, They scurry off and refuse to talk to her The reason They give When mom calls ... That interference generated in our household cable tv / internet wiring was so dramatic / powerful did it what creating interference with with radio communications between the tower and aircraft of the Fresno Airport 3 miles away.


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