browser software issue(FI9821)

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sagte am 25.06.2018 um 12:28


I installed the cam and all went great .When I went to view the cam on my computer a pop-up says it needs to install a file to view the cam ..I did ..see the camera fine...then on other sites I cant view other video content as I used to ...the file installed changed something in the IE 10 and I could not find a way to undo the file. I restored back to before the file and all was well with IE and the video ..Two other friends and I got these cams together and they both have the same problem .They cant remove the affects as I did .It happened to a friend who just looked to see my cam and he had the same issue .It happens when the file got installed to view the cam.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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