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Thanks for taking time to read my profile. Who knows maybe its destiny? Do you believe in destiny? I do. I believe in destiny, in fairy tales, that dreams comes true. That everything happens by a reason. I am exteremely loving, caring and passionate woman who live this life to the fullest but feel that there is emptiness inside my heart which can be filled only with love of special man. Maybe it sounds trivial but my hobby became my profession. Since I was teenager I loved to cook and pamper my family with something tasty. Thats why I became a cook. Yes I am slim and attractive cook. I have heap of interests. I love sport, traveling, reading and learning new things. I am sure that we ll find something in common

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Erste! Schön, dass du hier bist und ich dein Gästebuch einweihen kann.

Gucke dich doch mal um, wer hier noch so ist. Damit keiner denkt, du hättest keine Freunde, schreibe ich dir mal als erste in dein Gästebuch! ;-)

Viel Spaß und dicken Gruß, deine Lisa