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Bad Taste (Super Pepper and Power Salt)




Short version:

Thank you for watching this video. Please follow the links (above) for the survey. It is in english and german. This is for my master's thesis and absolutly non commercial.

I want to research how viral videos spread through the internet. So please share this video with your friends and put put it on your website or mirror it. If you mirror this video, please tell me.

It is very risky to do this research. I need a least 100,000 clicks and 1,000 people who complete the survey until end of september.
If I get mor than 1,000,000 clicks, I will do something funny for you. You can write any suggestions in the comments below.

You can also follow me on Twitter and my blog. Most of it is in german at the moment, but it will change.

Thank you!

PS: This video was made without a big budget nor skills.

The last voice was recorded during a cold. ;-)

I study engineering management and industrial engineering.

Taste Town is in danger. Every food tastes bad. This was the work of Bad Taste the evil villain with a bad look. Are Super Pepper and Power Salt able to defeat the villain.

Alle Videos in Amateurfilme blättern: zurückweiter

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